Lakeside Room

Lakeside Room

The Lakeside Room is one of the more popular areas on the hotel grounds. Originally referred to as the “picnic room,” it functioned as a quaint little sandwich and refreshment bar on the waterfront. As time went by, however, the room took on a more practical role and was slowly converted into a storage facility for canoes, sailboats and other water sports equipment. Of course, some things do seem to have a natural tendency for coming full circle, as was the case here several years ago when the room benefited from a renewed interest. The Scott family decided that a renovation was needed in order to bring it back to life.

The new, more appropriately named Lakeside Room still has a fantastic view of the waterfront, although it now functions as an evening lounge where guests can enjoy a glass of wine or beer and light hors d’oeuvres while relaxing with friends and family, or perhaps even participating in one of our lively karaoke sessions. Large windows span the length of the room and a covered patio allows guests to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Inside, the room has been lovingly decorated with nostalgia from Scott’s past. Old signs, billboards and photographs adorn the walls alongside original hotel sporting equipment from days gone by. Our Gift Shop can be found next door and offers an assortment of treasures for all ages.

Additionally, the Lakeside Room doubles as the perfect spot for small wedding receptions and other celebrations, including reunion gatherings and group meetings. As mentioned above, it is ideally located on the water and can accommodate a sizable number of guests. Please visit SPECIAL EVENTS for more information.

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